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Official Warn Appeal Template

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Mar 20, 2020
Dear member

Whilst playing on our server, you might have (un)intentionally broken a rule and received a warning for it. Seldom it happens a warning is issued faultily.
If you believe the warning you received was unjust, feel free to appeal it within this section. Ensure to stick to the following format:

Steam ID:
Warning staff member:
Warning reason:
Date of warning:
Why your warning should be reverted:
Evidence (if any):
Warnings have to be appealed within a reasonable time of issuing unless irreversible evidence is provided.
Our server administrators are committed to providing you with the best support available, therefore you may expect your appeal to be responded to within 72 hours of submission.
Each individual appeal gets assigned to a member of staff randomly by the Forums Manager (or Forums Assistant). If you would rather not have a specific staff member form a verdict to your appeal, you are to send a direct message to @Scottish Billy on forums including a link to your appeal and your reasoning as to why.

Kind regards, Gatesway - Riverside Community Manager
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