Riverside Roleplay Rules

A) General Rules

1) Do not RDM.
2) Don't break new life rule (5 minutes of last life.) (NLR).
3) Do not do anything that could crash or harm the server. This includes threatening it.
4) Combat healing is allowed, however combat reviving is not.
5) Do not adverties other servers / games.
6) You are not allowed any RP name deemed as offensive / inappropriate.
7) Do not use and Racist, Homophobic or Discriminatory words or phrases in any situation.
8) Chain adverts are not allowed (Adverts similar, e.g Counter/Counter Assist/Counter Kidnap etc).
9) Don't body/prop block.
10) Don't harrass players / staff.
11) You must speak english, no other languages are allowed.
12) Don't chat/mic spam.
13) Don't impersonate players or staff.
14) Don't metagame (e.g Hearing printers to get a warrant, Shootplayers because you see there name tag ETC).
15) Do not build during bank raids.
16) Cop Baiting is not allowed. (e.g crashing into a government official to get them to chase you) However you can break a law on purpose to create a roleplay scenario.
17) Don't self supply (Giving yourself weapons as any kind of dealer).
18) When initiating, you need to have a valid reason to do so. You cannot kill someone for crashing into you, or pulling you over. (e.g /advert warn1/2/3 go away/leave.)
19) When a government official pulls you over, you must pull over, unless you have a valid roleplay reason. E.G (You are wanted, you have bank bags etc).
20) Don't camera spam, prop minge etc. Generally, don't be annoying.
21) Don't FailRP. Play out every scenario with as much RP as possible.
22) You may not steal ambulances, buses, taxis or tow trucks.
23) Never lie to Staff members in sits, if you have done wrong, you have done wrong. Don't be difficult.
24) You may not steal Government Vans/Trucks.
25) When counter arresting, the person who is being un-arrested, has to be in handcuffs.
26) You are not allowed to interrupt any department tryouts. (Killing/Raiding the people in the tryout).
27) Do not become abusive towards staff members. They're here to keep you safe.
28) Do not intentionally upset players, their feelings or cause disruption to upset players. This includes physical and verbal behaviour.
29) Do not use lean during combat.

B) Basing Rules

1) You may prop block certain entrances of your base, but you must have at least one entrance.
2) You can have a maximum of 2 fading doors in your base.
3) Don't hide keypads or use fake keypads (Keypads that do nothing).
5) Don't build on the road or street.
6) Don't force players to jump / crouch in your base.
7) You can build a KOS zone (Must include atleast a textscreen.) outside your base (Zones in which any player is KOS).
8) Don't build mazes or skybases.
10) For every fading door, there must be at least one keypad on each side. Keypads must be active for at least 5 seconds.
11) Don't shoot through one way props.
12) Don't use the glow effect (Placing two props with glow together so there is a one way view). All one way props are forbidden.
13) You cannot have raidables (printers, drugs) in your base, while having a building sign outside your base.
14) Don't build traps (Kill boxes, leg traps, mazes etc). It must be fair for raiders.
15) Don't abuse fading doors.
16) KOS Signs are forbidden. If a player is in your base without your consent or raiding you, you have the right to kill them.
17) Do not build in other peoples bases.
18) You may not have mega bases (Bases with two or more buildings inside it).
19) You must own all / most of the doors in a building, before claiming it as your own.
21) You must make sure your base is easy to get around in. e.g (Having a pure black enterance, and making it not visible to get through).
22) You are not allowed to angle abuse (head glitch etc.) This is unfair and gives an advantage to the player who is doing so.

C) Cooldown Rules

1) The Cooldown for mugging/kidnapping is 15 minutes.
2) The Cooldown for mugging/kidnapping the same person is 30 minutes
3) The Cooldown for carjacking is 5 minutes.
4) The Cooldown for carjacking the same person is 20 minutes.
5) The Cooldown for Bank Raiding are 25 minutes.
7) The Cooldown for Terrorist Jihads to perform a "bombing" is 30 minutes.
8) The Cooldown for Jailbreaking is 20 minutes.
9) The Cooldown for raiding a base is 15 minutes.
10) The Cooldown for counter arresting is 10 minutes.
11) The Cooldown for Prime Minister assassinating is 20 minutes.

D) Advert Rules

1) If you want to raid use /advert Raid.
2) To Bank Raid /advert Bank Raid
3) To Kidnap /advert Kidnap, You can hold one hostage for 10 minutes total.
4) To Assist /advert Assist
5) To Counter A crime /advert Counter
6) To end your crime/counter /advert Over -Or if its false /advert False
7) To Kill your hostage/ Person you've kidnapped /advert Hostage Execution
8) To Carjack /advert Carjack. This includes if the car is unlocked.
9) To Negotiate when you've kidnapped use /advert (and your demands, max ammount is 25k, Police Officer (VIP) is 50k).
10) For CGM and 12 World, you must advert gang war before killing the other gang, and must make sure the other gang agree with this.
11) You cannot counter PD
12) When a hostage is dead from hostage execution, you must advert over.
13) To assist or counter someone who's a compatible job in a gunfight, you must be rp affiliated with them.
14) You can only keep a hostage for 10 minutes inside a building / base.

E) Job Rules

Citizen Based Jobs:
NOTE: This job includes: Citizens, Gun Dealers and Drug Dealers
1) You may have any firearm you wish to have.
2) You cannot commit any sort of crimes (raiding, kidnapping etc). You may however, carjack.
3) You cannot print.
4) Gundealers can only base with other gundealers, unless they have hired a mercenary.

Government Based Jobs
NOTE: This job includes: All PD Ranks, All Traffic Police ranks, All SCO19 Ranks, All MI5 Ranks.
1) You may only have the weapon in which you spawn with, unless your department states otherwise.
2) You may not commit any crimes.
3) You cannot own any buildings. Your "base" is PD.
4) You must follow all deparment rules.
5) You must try and arrest and detain criminals in a non-lethal way. Fighting is a last resort.
6) You must listen to your high ranking officers in your department.
7) You must only use a pistol unless your department spawns with other firearms.

Criminal Based Jobs
NOTE: This job includes: Thieves, Harlem Spartan, 410, Master Thieves, Hitmen.
1) You may have any gun you want.
2) You may commit any major crimes (raiding, kidnapping).
3) You may print.

Token Based Jobs
NOTE: This job includes: Suited Citizen.
1) You may have any gun you want.
2) You may commit any major crimes (raiding, kidnapping).
3) You may print.

The London Mafia
NOTE: This job includes: All London Mafia ranks.
1) You may have any gun you want.
2) You may commit any major crimes (raiding, kidnapping).
3) You may print.
4) You may only have one base.
5) You cannot work with other criminals.

NOTE: This job includes: All Terrorist ranks.
1) You may have any gun you want.
2) You may commit any major crimes (raiding, kidnapping).
3) You may print.
4) You may only have one base.
5) You cannot work with other criminals.
6) You cannont do Terror, only Lieutenant +.
8) You can only sucide bomb once every 30 mins.
Use your common sense with these rules. Finding loopholes or generally not using common sense is forbidden.