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Accepted Hazeders ban appeal

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Jun 21, 2023
Name: Hazeder
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:548058510
Date of ban issue: 29/02/24
Member of staff: Jackie
Ban reason (screenshot): Cant
Why should we unban you?: I dont even know why i got a NITRP ban for arresting someone
Apr 7, 2021
So the reason for the ban overall, you were encouraging another player to break rules and do stuff for you and with you while you were on NCA. You had also been warned that same day for 2x counts of illegal activities as a government official. Where at the time after having spectated you a lot, it just seemed like you weren't wanting to rp with others. Car minging, deleting your car during a carjack, screaming at people you drive by and having a hitman drive your car around while you are in it. I told you this and you said something like "I don't mind, I'm just trying to have some fun". I presume that you had intentionally turned up the microphone input, so you could be louder and more obnoxious to people's ear drums. It did originally stand between just a cooldown ban for a day cause you had reached 3 active warnings or a NITRP ban. Looking at your punishment history from last month it was quite a few punishments, I felt I had to do the longer one in hopes you would return ready to roleplay considering how long 2 weeks can be like without doing something you like doing. Now that you've been reinstated into PD, I can see why you want to return. Still stand by the NITRP, however I don't mind it being lowered a week or so if management thinks that's better.


Staff Manager
Staff Management
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Graphics Designer
Mar 15, 2021
Partially Accepted
I will reduce your ban to 1 week. However, I highly recommend you think about your actions on the server in future as the punishment history does form a reputation for yourself. If it happens again your ban will stand the full length.
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